IMPORTANT READING MATERIAL on what you could encounter as a bulldog owner.

Note: FullOfBull has produced this document for education purposes only. Our definitions of the common problems in English bulldogs are our opinions only. These opinions have been formed through researching the bulldog breed ALWAYS consult your veterinarian with any problem that may occur.

All breeds of dogs have conditions that are common to their particular breed, and the Bulldog is no different. Many conditions are in direct relation to the characteristics considered desirable in the breed. If you are adopting an older dog, many of these conditions should already have been identified.

Since not all veterinarian are knowledgeable about the health problems Bulldogs may have, find a veterinarian who knows and likes Bulldogs.

Below is a list of conditions that dogs can suffer from, if you need more information, either contact us or use google on your web browser:

Eye Problems

• Entropion/Ectropion
• Cherry Eye
• Distichiasis
• Dry Eye
• Corneal Ulcer
• Conjunctivitis
• Tear Stains

Skin/Wrinkle Problems
• Dermatitis/Pyoderma/Staph
• Allergies
• Acne
• Demodectic Mange
• Hot Spots
• Interdigital Cysts
• Yeast Infections

Heart Problems
• Heart Murmur
• Enlarged Heart
• Valve Defects

Structural Problems
• Hip Dysplasia
• Mouth/Jaw
• Luxating Patella
• Cleft Palate
• Hemivertebrae
• Harelip
• Spina Bifida
• Elbow Dysplasia

Rear/Tail Problems
• Tight Tail
• Inverted Tail

• Impacted Anal Glands
• Urinary Tract Infections
• Bladder Infection

Arthritis/Joint Problems

• Prolasped Urethra
• Pyometra
• Hypothyroidism
• Cancer

Respiratory Problems
• Stenotic Nares
• Small Trachea
• Hypoplastic Trachea
• Elongated Soft Palate
• Bloat/Gastric Torsion