There are several things to be aware of with Bulldogs!

Heat Sensitivity
Bulldogs are extremely intolerant of heat. Good ventilation and air conditioning are essential to the breed. Wire crates are best for air circulation. Your Bulldog must be kept in an air-conditioned area with limited trips outside when the outside temperature is over 80° or the humidity is high. Close supervision is required during outside activity, especially in spring and summer to prevent over-exertion leading to over-heating. Dogs do not have sweat glands all over their bodies. They can sweat only through their pads and they can dissipate heat effectively through panting. They also are not usually capable of prolonged physical activity whether the temperature is very warm or cold; a Bulldog is not for someone who enjoys taking a dog for long walks through the countryside.

Bulldog Wrinkles

The Bulldog's face is covered with wrinkles. This is a trademark that requires daily care to keep him comfortable and healthy. Mild soap will work for cleaning out between the wrinkles. Get a damp wash cloth with soap and clean well around and under the wrinkles making sure not to get any in his eyes. You should dry the area well and apply Gold Bond (or something similar) powder to the area. If it is irritated you may want to consider using Desitin cream. It may be required for you to clean the wrinkles up to 2x daily if needed depending on how dirty or irritated they may be.

When cleaning the tail area or tail pocket make sure to use a soft cloth and really get in there to clean it you should get out lots of hairs and keep area clean and powdered as well. A Bulldog's tail may be tightly screwed against his back side and can be a real problem if not taken care of and cleaned daily. A severly infected tail is painful and may need to be removed in some cases, so it is important to keep this area cleaned well.

Tear Stains
There are a few products on the market that are made for cleaning tear stains. You can use thesre products, but take care in using it near their eyes. You can also check with your vet for additional suggestions. You should also keep the area around your dogs eyes wiped off and cleaned, to keep any debris from getting into his eyes and irritating them.

Dry Nose
If his nose is dry a light coat of Vaseline will help soften it and protect if from cracking.

Bulldogs and Water
A bulldog needs to be an indoor dog. Bulldogs can't swim well at all and extreme caution should be taken when a Bulldog is around water to avoid drowning. Although they should be kept out of deep pools, a few inches of water in a kids pool outside is a welcome site to most Bulldogs.