Why are Bulldogs So Expensive?

I guess one of the most frequently asked questions of us is, Why do Bulldogs cost so much more than other breeds of dog?

There is a great deal of time, effort and expense involved in raising a Bulldog litter. Without going into too much detail, it can cost $3000-$5000 to breed, deliver and raise a litter, without consideration for the time invested. The average litter size is 4-5. Getting the female ready for breeding requires pre-breeding testing, ovulation testing, etc. - approximately 3 trips to the vet.

Then the female is usually artificially inseminated, another 3 trips to the vet at $125+ per trip, not to mention the expense for the semen/stud service which is $1,000+. Then you wait 4 weeks for an ultrasound and/or x-rays. (It is important to be sure the female is pregnant $150). Special diets over $200 and constant monitoring for the next 5 weeks, plus getting the nursery getting with heating pads, bottles, blankets, medical supplies, milk re-placer, puppy scale, and the list goes on and on. Then comes the C-section which can cost upwards of $1200 assuming she went into labor DURING regular office hours and all went well.

Females produce only 2 -3 litters in their life. This is a special breed which requires the help of humans to bring a litter to 8 weeks of age. In spite of their appearance the Bulldog, as a newborn puppy is extremely fragile. It requires constant monitoring of the puppies ( every 2 hours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the first 14 days of there life). Bulldogs don't make the best mothers because they may lay on a puppy on accident and not even realize it.

The puppies are normally checked by the vet at least 4 times during their first 8 weeks, including wormings and puppy shots can be over $600. It is a breed that requires MAXIMUM effort on the part of the breeder to make sure that all the puppies turn out healthy. The whole procedure is VERY costly.